'State of the Ross'


I’m Ross Campbell. I’m a corporate attorney living in Brooklyn, helping launch digital token services and related standards. Here's my more respectable LinkedIn page, where I don't have a mustache and look 12.

Take a glance around here for curated crypto-law stuff. I've been hitting this pretty full tilt lately, so hope it helps.

Not legal or financial advice!


Building -

Digital Token Custody/Staking Services; Dapps on Ethereum; 'Smart' Legal Agreements; Token Sale Standards; Token Project Diligence Tools.

Among -

OMGPool.org; Accord Project (Venture & Token Sales WG); The Brooklyn Project; LegalBlock; buildOMG; LegalHackers (NY); Ethos.io Product Council; Blockchain Island Club

Previously -

Corporate Associate at Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP (NYC); Judicial Intern (FL).


Neither here, nor there: